Sustainable Banking

Sustainable Banking is a non-negotiable innovative approach that imbibes environment consciousness  into all banking activities. Banks can play a crucial role in influencing customer behavior towards more sustainable choices. By analyzing customer spending patterns, banks can calculate the carbon footprint associated with their customers’ purchases. They can then provide this information to customers, raising awareness about the environmental impact of their spending. Banks can also incentivize environmentally friendly spending by offering rewards or lower interest rates on loans for green purchases. By increasing the funding of green initiatives, banks can influence industries to adopt sustainable practices. In essence, Sustainable Banking offers a powerful tool to transform our economy and society towards sustainability.

Sustainable?! How does it matter?

  • 1

    Earth is grappling with escalating environmental challenges.

  • 2

    Heavy pollution, from industries and individuals, and deforestation are leading to Global Warming and Bio-diversity loss.

  • 3

    Glaciers are melting. Water-level of oceans and seas is rising. Livable land is submerging.

  • 4

    Agricultural land is turning toxic and infertile.

  • 5

    Delhi cant breathe, Mumbai is on its heels.

  • 6

    The message is of “GLOOM and DOOM” yes, but that is the harsh reality.



Its the cost borne by the environment due to carbon and related greenhouse gas emissions behind every spend made by a bank’s customer.


GreenWise appeals to the wisdom of the bank customers to persuade them into making carbon-conscious purchases thereby reducing the harmful impact of their choices on the environment.


GreenResolve helps the customer take up a resolution to balance out the GreenCost by providing remediation actions specific to the spend.


GreenStreaks displays the periodic streaks for which your spends emitted less than 10 KgCO2e in a day.


GreenCaliberate helps customers offset their high carbon-cost lifestyle by buying carbon credits from the market