The Why

  • Banking services have reached a stagnation point in delivering true value to the customers for their actual and real time needs on the ground. Banks are challenged by non-scalable legacy Tech-ecosystem which in turn constrain them from coming up with radical innovations in their own services.


  • Lack of interoperability forces banks in extending same services across all customers which increase complexity for customers. One example is allocation of different loan account numbers for each credit facility accessed by customer in a bank which mandates a customer deal with multiple conditions of repayment like EMI amounts, repayment dates, prioritization of repayment.


  • Banks, even though sitting on a treasure of data, are unable to leverage this treasure as the data systems are fragmented and there is no way for them to derive differentiating services for customers.

The Solution


  • Hyper-Personalisation. GRAVITY delivers it.


  • To meet expectations of today’s customers, banks need to disrupt service and product delivery by adopting a radical approach to how banking  is done. Hyper-personalisation  is that approach which can help redefine how banking offers value to every customer on the ground across multi-demographic environment.


  • Within the heap of data available with banks, GRAVITY platform helps identifying the most relevant and critical parameters for differentiated services to customers.


  • Once identified, GRAVITY also enables unique Criteria building  over such parameters for every customer by Bank Business and IT team themselves.


  • GRAVITY comes with an in-built Abstraction Platform for all the Business and Accounting Logic Heavylifting.

GRAVITY Abstraction Platform

Business & Accounting Logic Heavy-lifting

  • Business Logic Abstraction

    Dynamic criteria parameter management
    Dynamic Business rule builder based on the set criteria

  • Accounting Logic Abstraction

    Asset / liability accounting logic management
    Differential interest setup
    Differential charges setup
    Rewards criteria setup
    Loyalty points criteria setup

  • Corporate Hyper-Personalization

    BaaS platform for non-bank channels
    Corporate level criteria building for banking services

  • Universal Card/Account

    Single card across debit / credit and pre-paid services
    Only one account each for assets and liabilities exposed to customer for ease of banking