Central Processing Platform

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

The ALU is the workhorse of the CPP, performing all arithmetic and logic operations using deep tech.

  • Business Logic
  • Accounting Logic
  • Validation Logic
  • Generative AI Logic
  • Temporary Storage Unit
  • Permanent Storage Unit
  • Auto Reconciliation Unit
  • Customer Co-Pilot
  • Discovery Unit
  • SOL Processing Unit

Central Processing Platform

Control & Orchestration Unit (COU)

The COU serves as the conductor of the CPP, managing the flow of data and instructions between the ALU and other components.

  • Interoperability Layer
  • Speciality core agnostic layer
  • Hyper-personalization of products using multiple systems
  • Payment Orchestration / Overlay services
  • Digital execution layer
  • Crypto enforcer/enabler
  • SOL processing layer
  • Digital service delivery (Smart tokens and related)