Banking Tech Evolution

Phase 1
  • Personal Computers and LAN Connectivity
  • Monolithic Mainframe systems
Phase 2
  • TBA systems equivalent to CBS
  • Internet based online banking
  • Credit Card Systems – VISA and Mastercard
Phase 3
  • CBS, LOS and LMS systems
  • ATM, Debit Cards with interbank connectivity
  • Automated Clearing Systems
  • Payment Systems like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, UPI, AePS, Wallets, Payment Gateways
  • Digital Identity systems
  • Cloud-First, API-First everything digital
Phase 4
  • Digital Business Platforms that will provide hyper-personalization and interoperability within banks’ eco-system
  • Deep-Tech/AI will take centre stage in Banking tech
2026 and beyond
Phase 5
  • Hyper-personalization using digital platforms directly curated by end customers (both retail and corporate)

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